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Why You Should Consider A Tune-Up

Too often, people save auto repair in Cape Cod for the most urgent cases. People don’t usually visit a repair shop for check-ins or other maintenance-based services. However, it’s always wise to be preventative, even if it doesn’t seem like the most obvious or easy choice to make. A tune-up has several benefits for you […]

Three Ways To Get Optimal Oil Performance

Anyone who’s serious about Yarmouth auto care knows how crucial it is to keep tabs on every part of a vehicle. Though we cannot see gas and oil operating in our car, both are propelling forces that help a car function. It’s crucial that you know how to deal with both and get the most […]

The Three Most Common Diagnostic Finds

Many people prefer not to deal with their car’s issues when it seems to run correctly otherwise. After all, you may think, why pay for something that isn’t urgent? Still, diagnostics are critical and can pinpoint issues before they get difficult. In other words, an efficient diagnostic from an auto repair in Hyannis, MA shop […]

Why You Should Invest In Our Tires

Tires are a fundamental part of any vehicle, and you can’t go anywhere without them. When shopping for them, you have to keep quality and brands in mind. You certainly don’t want to have tires that will eventually stop working well and cause harm to you or your vehicle. Dan’s Tire & Auto is happy […]

Three Things On Your Vehicle That Need Regular Maintenance

Whether you like it or not, owning a car is a full-time job. Keeping it in good condition, ensuring safety is prominent, and getting regular maintenance is just a snapshot of what you have to do to satisfy your vehicle’s needs. There are some portions of your vehicle that require more consistent maintenance, so bear […]

On The Loose: The Dangers of Vehicle Misalignment

It’s difficult to contend with vehicle problems. They come seemingly out of nowhere, and can become costly, fast. However, many are preventable and do not have to be part of your future. Some well-maintained and practiced habits will ensure you don’t have to encounter disasters then pay for expensive auto repair in Cape Cod. Misalignment […]

Signs It’s Time for a Battery Change

As any vehicle owner knows, the battery is the heart of your machine. It needs to be running well and strong enough to handle all of the miles you will use it for. However, despite our best efforts, we all deal with situations that require Yarmouth auto care. To ensure your battery stays in optimal […]

The Values of Dan’s Tire & Auto

Any business worth its salt not only knows how to offer quality products, but project values that resonate with people. While just about any center has experts that can provide auto repair in Hyannis, MA, Dan’s Tire & Auto is proud to offer values you can believe in. It comes with the repair work we […]

Dan’s Tire & Auto: Going Above and Beyond For Customers

While the ability to perform services is the ultimate draw for any business, customer service is still a major component. How you treat your customers says a lot about you, and communication with others (or lack thereof) can make or break relationships with current or future clientele. We at Dan’s Tire & Auto know customer […]

What Does A Check Engine Light Mean?

One of the most important parts of being a vehicle owner is keeping up with maintenance. While there are issues you can arguably push away and let stew for a bit, a blinking “check engine” light is not one of them. The complicated thing about these signals is that they can signify something serious or […]

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