Cape Cod Tire Maintenance

Cape Cod Tire Maintenance

With summer winding down, it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled lives. Kids are going back to school, the weather cools down, and the fear of heat related car breakdowns begins to settle. But you’re not quite in the clear yet. All these road trips to the beach and amusement park took their toll on your car. Before you start to worry about snow and ice, it’s time to assess the damage. At Dan’s Tire, we’re professionals when it comes to what your car needs to get ready for the colder months – especially when we’re close to the ocean. Stop by for all your Cape Cod tire needs.

Summer Weather Wear & Tear

Although it’s unlikely that your tires will fair due to high heat alone, it can be a deciding factor. During the hottest months, pavement can heat up to 145 degrees, which is enough to cause neglected tires to blow out. Underinflation, a heavy load (think all your bags for that week long vacation) and potholes can all play a part in tire damage. Even if you made it through the summer without a Cape Cod tire disaster, you should consider the damage that was inflicted and repair it before the winter comes.

Winter Weather Wear & Tear

You may be thinking that during this time of the year, its okay to forgo your regular maintenance. The weather is mild enough that there won’t be any damage occurring. But now is also the perfect time to repair summer damage, and prepare for the months ahead. Massachusetts winters can offer some of the most hazardous driving conditions, and you want to be as prepared as possible. Tire treads help your car handle the road better, so make sure your tires have a proper 2/32 inch tread depth before the first snowfall. The sidewalls of your tires are also important, in addition to the tread. Excessive sunshine or use of harsh chemicals or a pressure washer can weaken the sidewalls, making them more susceptible to punctures and leaks. Potholes can also causes tears.

No matter the season, regular Cape Cod tire maintenance is essential in preventing accidents and breakdowns. Performing routine checks can also prevent costly repairs and tow services. For more information about our services and how to repair your vehicle for winter, give us a call at 508.775.3020.

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