The Three Most Common Diagnostic Finds

The Three Most Common Diagnostic Finds

Many people prefer not to deal with their car’s issues when it seems to run correctly otherwise. After all, you may think, why pay for something that isn’t urgent? Still, diagnostics are critical and can pinpoint issues before they get difficult. In other words, an efficient diagnostic from an auto repair in Hyannis, MA shop can stop a problem before it gets too difficult to bear financially. Over the years, we’ve seen several common issues diagnostics can pinpoint.



1.) Engine Troubles

Does your car feel like it’s jerking or hard to control? It may be your engine! Since “check engine” lights are minimal in design, they can’t illustrate any complex mechanical issues going on underneath the hood. A thorough diagnostic can always find the engine’s problems and hopefully find an issue to solve it.


2.) Battery Life – Or Lack Thereof

Car batteries are the backbone of any vehicle, and any issue they encounter needs to get taken seriously. Of course, these parts are far from visible, which is why a diagnostic can find and diagnose vital battery statistics like how long the battery has been in use and its current state.


3.) Faulty Wiring

Vehicles are complicated mechanisms, and plenty of the parts within have wiring systems that need to stay in shape to work. After a quick diagnostic, we can uncover installation issues. One of the most common is faulty wiring, whether that means the wires are too old or simply installed incorrectly.



These are just a few of the most common issues a diagnostic can pinpoint and eventually solve. Dan’s Tire & Auto is happy to provide quality auto repair in Hyannis, MA and we’re glad to diagnose your vehicle if you suspect something is “off.” Give us a call at (508)-775-3020 and see what we can do for you today!

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