Three Things On Your Vehicle That Need Regular Maintenance

Three Things On Your Vehicle That Need Regular Maintenance

Whether you like it or not, owning a car is a full-time job. Keeping it in good condition, ensuring safety is prominent, and getting regular maintenance is just a snapshot of what you have to do to satisfy your vehicle’s needs. There are some portions of your vehicle that require more consistent maintenance, so bear them in mind when you think about auto repair in Cape Cod.



1.) Tires

The wheels are probably the most vulnerable and active parts of your vehicle. A host of issues can come from consistent driving, from wear and tear to blowouts. Measuring air pressure on a regular basis is a good habit to form, and replacing tires every so often by a professional is also a must to ensure optimal drivability and alignment.


2.) Batteries

A battery is the central driving force behind every function of your car, so it needs to have some quality power behind it. Batteries can overheat or die out and should get replaced every so often. If something’s up with your battery, it is something only auto repair in Cape Cod can dissolve.


3.) Fluids

Your car needs essential fluids  – like gas, oil, and more – to keep it going and lubricate inner mechanisms of your machine. A thorough oil check or oil change is the best way to fuel your vehicle, and we recommend you get it done on a regular basis. That way, your car can run at an optimal performance level and function at its highest capacity.



All parts of your car are important, but some need a little bit more TLC than others. For all of your auto repair in Cape Cod needs, look no further than Dan’s Tire & Auto. Give us a call at (508)-775-3020 and see what we can do for you today!

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