Tips for Summer from a Cape Cod Auto Repair Shop

Tips for Summer from a Cape Cod Auto Repair Shop


With the winter safely in the rearview mirror and the dog days of summer just around the bend, you’re probably dreaming about the long beach days and bonfires ahead of you. But is your car as ready as you are? Here at Dan’s Tire and Auto Repair, we can offer you every service you need in a Cape Cod auto repair shop.

Beware of Potholes

Massachusetts is famous – or infamous, I suppose – for potholes. These are created from extreme weather that occurred during the winter months. Water expands when it freezes, causing cracks and crevices in the concrete that can wreak havoc on your car. Be mindful of the potential damage that comes from driving over a pothole, such as punctured tires, misaligned steering, or rim damage. Damage from these road hazards cause nearly 500,000 insurance claims per year, so keep your eyes open for them! If you do end up with a popped tire or dented rim from a pothole, stop by our Cape Cod auto repair shop for all your tire needs.

Look Under the Hood

It’s likely that the bitter winter cold kept you inside as much as possible over the last few months. If you haven’t had time to inspect your car or have it examined, now is a perfect time! Squeeze hoses to check for leaks and cracks, and make sure your battery is in tip-top shape. The heat that’s on its way in the coming months can cause some problems to be more apparent, and you don’t want to be stranded on the highway on your way to the beach. If you’re uncomfortable performing these checks yourself, a professional here at Dan’s Tire and Auto Repair would be happy to help!

Keep Cool

This applies to both you and your car. Increased heat can cause dehydration and other health problems, so make sure you drink plenty of water on long car trips! Scientists suggest that driving while dehydrated can impair your driving abilities in the same way as lack of sleep or even alcohol. Before jacking up the air conditioner the second you get in your car, consider the long-term effects. It’s better to keep your air conditioner at a lower temperature for long periods of time, rather than turning it all the way up for a short period. This can improve fuel efficiency and even prevent damage.

This summer, the last thing you need to worry about is if your car will make it to your destination. Stop by our Cape Cod auto repair shop on Route 28 in West Yarmouth to get your car summer ready.

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