On The Loose: The Dangers of Vehicle Misalignment

On The Loose: The Dangers of Vehicle Misalignment

It’s difficult to contend with vehicle problems. They come seemingly out of nowhere, and can become costly, fast. However, many are preventable and do not have to be part of your future. Some well-maintained and practiced habits will ensure you don’t have to encounter disasters then pay for expensive auto repair in Cape Cod. Misalignment is a problem that, if ignored, can cause a host of issues for your vehicle.



Loose/Uneven Tires

Misalignment will cause tires to come undone, plain and simple. If you do a lot of bumping into potholes, your tires will become looser and uneven as they encounter the rough gravel and pavement. When one tire is off, the whole undercarriage can be compromised.


Bearing Left or Right

A misaligned wheel will cause your vehicle to veer slightly to the left or right. Especially in high-traffic areas like highways, this is a very dangerous risk. You will also have much less control over your wheel, which is a scary thought!


Wear on Tires

When your tires are uneven, they do not encounter the road the same way or at the same time. So, your tires will get worn unevenly. Any wear is bad, but uneven wear can be even more difficult to contend with as time goes on. Plus, it means investing in more auto repair in Cape Cod tire services.


Lack of Wheel Control

Perhaps the most dangerous side effect of misalignment is a loose wheel that does not allow you to return after turning or make sufficient movement. When you deal with a loose wheel, you lose control of your vehicle.



Misalignment can happen, even if you do your best to keep your eye on it. The best you can do? Bear these side effects in mind. If any sound familiar, visit Dan’s Tire & Auto and get quality auto repair in Cape Cod. Give us a call at (508)-775-3020 and see what we can do for you today!

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