What Does A Check Engine Light Mean?

What Does A Check Engine Light Mean?

One of the most important parts of being a vehicle owner is keeping up with maintenance. While there are issues you can arguably push away and let stew for a bit, a blinking “check engine” light is not one of them. The complicated thing about these signals is that they can signify something serious or simple fixes. Narrow down the possibilities with these common causes.

1.) Loose Gas Cap

Gas directly relates to engine performance and fuel, so this comes as no surprise. Pull over, re-tighten the gas cap, and see what happens. It just may go away, and this is easily the most fixable problem.

2.) Overheating

Temperature affects performance of just about all parts. If your fuel gets fried, it will dissolve and not filter correctly. Make sure you keep up with regular oil changes and other maintenance to avoid overheating.

3.) Poor Engine Function

Of course, something has to be up with your engine for the light to go off, right? Unfortunately, engines are complicated, so you cannot pinpoint what is going on under the hood – there is a broad spectrum to consider here as well, so visit a mechanic ASAP.

4.) Engine Coldness

Since hot temperatures impact function, very cold temperatures can as well. Your engine just might be too cold to function properly. Usually, this is something that gets better with time. Still, go to your mechanic to be sure.

5.) Idleness

When you leave your car parked in your yard for an extended period, it can get rusty or underperform when you come back to it. If it has been days, not just hours, do not be surprised if your engine is underperforming and trying to adjust to getting used again. Give it some time to reacclimatize itself, and visit your mechanic.

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