Three Ways To Get Optimal Oil Performance

Three Ways To Get Optimal Oil Performance

Anyone who’s serious about Yarmouth auto care knows how crucial it is to keep tabs on every part of a vehicle. Though we cannot see gas and oil operating in our car, both are propelling forces that help a car function. It’s crucial that you know how to deal with both and get the most out of the oil that gets put in your vehicle. If you assess the situation, there are some ways you can make the most of it and improve performance.



1.) Buy the right brand

If you look closely at oil bottles, you’ll see many different types cater to specific performance aspects. To increase your mileage, you’ll need oil that explicitly states it can do so. Of course, there are plenty of basic options as well if you just want to keep your car running. Either way, it’s important to know which brands offer what and how they intend to improve vehicle performance.


2.) Drive with care

Being careful while driving is a practice to abide by on a daily basis but it impacts every aspect of your vehicle. When you handle your car well, drive with care, and pay attention to your vehicle’s functions, you can get better performance out of oil and not use it too much. If you drive too fast, you could burn the fuel up more quickly than average, decreasing its value.


3.) Schedule routine service

We get it – scheduling an appointment for Yarmouth auto care seems like a drag and certainly can cost a bit. However, if you plan routine maintenance and get oil changes, your vehicle will run the best it can. Every car is different, so be sure to ask a mechanic about when your vehicle should get an oil change. Routine service may seem redundant, but it keeps your car running well.



Oil keeps your motor running and in good shape, so make sure you get the most out of it. For Yarmouth auto care that you can trust, look no further than Dan’s Tire & Auto. Give us a call at (508)-775-3020 and see what we can do for you today!

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